WILSON 6.5 Cutting Shears by Wilson Collective

WILSON 6.5 Cutting Shears by Wilson Collective

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Hand-made / multi-functioning professional 6.5" haircutting shears for superior single line cutting, created by Phillip Wilson.

Dynamic and precise the new Wilson Collective 6.5" Cutting Shear, made with proprietary Japanese Molybdenum alloy steel is Phillip Wilson’s first choice when using the Wilson Method to create beautiful designs.

These blades feature the following for longevity and effectiveness:

  • Patent Pending Dual Spring Tension System- Offers a coil spring for effortless cutting and protection for the blades.
  • Cryo-Tempured TM blades, which extends the life of the blades edge.
  • Polymer Pivot Inlay, which keeps the shears from wearing away in the pivot.
  • Ball Bearing Tension System, which makes the blades wear more evenly and therefore last longer and sharpen better.
  • Crane handle, which allows for ergonomic flexible cutting positions.

These are for sale to Professional Wilson Collective Members Only- Please apply for Membership from the PRO tab.